About Us

We are a Costa Rican business dedicated to the educational exhibit of tropical butterflies as well as the local and international commercialization of farmed chrysalides.


To establish a butterfly exhibit that also commercializes top quality farmed tropical chrysalides for our customers, contributing with the economical, tourist and social development to our country and its communities, promoting a culture of peace and respect for diversity and the environment.


To build a leading company in the export of butterfly pupae, renowned for its credibility and fairness towards our local farmers promoting participation, gender and social equity, aware of the need of providing eco-friendly services committed to the economical, tourist, and social development of our country and its communities.

Visit Us

Our butterfly garden is the ideal place to visit with family and friends, to enjoy of our interactive display exhibit of live butterflies, in a welcoming harmonious atmosphere full with color, from the graceful fluttering of each our butterflies. We also offer guided tours and group lectures to schools, universities, researchers and recreational tourism upon request.

Girl catching butterflys

Our Team

  • Anabelle González
    Project Manager and Exports.
  • Ileana Alfaro
    Butterfly House Manager.
  • Rosibel Rodríguez
    Inspector in wild life,
    Msc. in biology.