Guided Visits

Guided tours will start with an introductory speech about the importance of the butterflies in our history and culture, its life cycle and finally explain how over the years they have been linked to concepts such as freedom, new beginnings, fertility, economy and artistic expression (Montero 2007).

The tour continues to the butterfly garden, which is a space designed with host plants that provide nectar flowers that are used by butterflies to feed and lay their eggs. Inside you will enjoy the multicolor fluttering of our beautiful butterflies, the process of mating and if you are lucky they may land on your hands.

Then we will visit the laboratory where the life cycle can be studied very closely: how the larva turns into a chrysalide and from the chrysalide into a butterfly..

This would be the end of our tour hoping that you leave full of peace! Aware of the importance of these wonderful winged beings in our ecosystem.

Back in our main office we offer various butterfly handcrafted articles produced by craftsmen and artisans of our community, who, with a lot of dedication have created each of pieces that you will take home with you.

With the purchase of these items you will be helping with the economic growth of these families and our community.

Thank you very much for sharing this experience with us! We hope that your visit has been inspiring and very pleasant!


Drying it wings after birth

A paradise in the city...

  • Introductory talk

    at the laboratory

  • Metamorphosis

    Transformation from caterpillar to chrysalis.

  • Guided tour

    at the butterfly house

  • Mating

    Danaus plexippus