¡Lets help together...!

Our Social Projects

Here at Butterfly Kingdom we believe that social responsibility is, without a doubt, the best investment for our company.

Within our many projects, we can mention our active contribution to the environments well-being, the development of environmental education programs for schools, high schools and our community, as well as the establishment of new job opportunities, the employment of a pleasant working environment for our colleagues and the opening our gardens for recreational purposes to the elderly. These are some of our objective that will allow our company to become part of all of us.

Employment is aimed mainly towards a younger generation of people, house wife, women chief of households and local artisans, whom according to their knowledge and skills will become integrated into the different production processes developed in our company.

Regarding our environmental education program, we offer guided tours to school students, who will learn about the life cycle of various Costa Rican butterfly species, though our talks and contact with our butterflies, including information about the importance of conservation and preservation of the environment.

It is our desire that once more the gardens in our parks, schools, high schools and home become once more a place of visit of all our wonderful species of butterflies, this is the main reason why we want to work in collaboration with our communities, local authorities and private enterprises to incorporate butterfly host plant species in their urban embellishments, contributing to the habitat recovery of these wonderful insects.

All reforestation projects for river basins restoration and recovery, soil conservation, carbon dioxide fixation, flora and fauna recuperation, among other, will count with our full support and collaboration.

Our Butterfly House doors will always be open for our elders, whom with their wisdom, stories and anecdotes will fill our space with knowledge and beautiful memories.

From our part, we are offering a place full of color, beauty and peace, accompanied by good coffee and an unforgettable tour.